Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Flip Flopper Extraordinaire

Elitist Mitt Rmoney has been bagged so many times as a flip flopper. There are You Tube montages of him changing his tune, sometimes in less than a single day! His most recent and famous of course, that on the issue of getting Bin Laden. Now of course he backpedals to claim he would, despite saying he wouldn't. He would have let Detroit go bankrupt, and would have ignored Bin Laden, like Bush did, and he wants to be President? I wonder what country he thinks he's in? Talibanicalstan?

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"Human rights?" They Lie

Pam Geller is a liar and a coward. So is the doof that presents with her, I believe his name is Robert Spencer. They have no interest in human rights. The attached link tells the story. Not only are they not interested in equal human rights, they are completely afraid of transparency. They simply want to brainwash the gullible fools who would attend this event, and hence they block media presentation. They are afraid of their message being understood by the masses. It's these types of people who we need to protect America from. The are a Reich, a religious reich at the very least. They are ignorant, know nothing of history, or ethics as they will gladly lie to press their agenda forward. Once they put their belief on their belt buckle, you will know their true character. It hangs around their neck now, so it's headed that way.

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