Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dobson hypocisy

I wonder if Dobson ever edits himself. He appeared on the steps of the court building in Montgomery Alabama, and said" The liberal elite and the federal judges and some members of the media are determined to remove every evidence of faith in God from the entire culture. They are determined to control more and more of our private lives, and it is time that we said 'enough is enough.'

Three things emerge here, but I want to focus on one. So like Letterman, I'll start at the bottom. Third: Notice the veiled reference to the not-so-liberal media - "some members of the media...." Not the blanket liberal media because it doesn't exist any more! Second, if all this evidence is removed, will that mean that faith in God doesn't exist any more? That would mean by extension that their faith is idolatrous. So I say remove, and force the faith to be real and where it belongs. However, the thing that strikes me is the phrase, Number one: "They are determined to control more and more of our private lives...."

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Still lying from the pulpit

It's amazing to me that the delusion is this deep. It's that or the lies, and I have been there, so the lies are perpetuated because of the delusion.

What I am referring to is Jerry Falwell this morning, July 3, 2005. I have mentioned in previous blogs one David Barton, and his wallbuilders web site. This is the same David Barton who makes claims of quotes from the founding fathers that are patently false, and he had admitted they are, yet keeps making them. I have mentioned that author and pastor Rick Scarborough used these inaccurate quotes. And this morning here was Falwell giving due homage to David Barton and his inaccuracies to promote the concept that America was founded as a christian nation.

Not to leave out the judiciary, Falwell again repeated that they are murderers. Never mind the autopsy debunking the claims of the fascists, nor the ruling in the case that gave the freedom of choice to the husband rather than the government. Never mind any of the truth, the judiciary are murderers.

He also said that kids are being taught to hate America in the public schools through revisionist history that leaves out the christian character, which we already know is not there. Never mind that the Constitution doesn't mention any deity, nor the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence has two Deists references: a "Creator" and "Nature's God." Nothing even remotely fundamentalist at all. Which is where they like to say that the founding documents were based on christian principles, but not language. So Falwells answer is to teach kids inaccurate history based on the inaccurate quotes from David Barton that Barton admitted were wrong, and so the kids will grow up loving what? Certainly not the Constitutional Republic. Hell, Scarborough wants to supplant it with a theocracy. That's what his book is about. That is what christian reconstructionism is all about. And that's the kind of judges that the christian folk want on the Supreme Court, and all the other courts.

Ironically enough, after spreading all these lies, Falwell says the church, to regain it's place in America(they were saying this same crap when I was a fundie back in the 70s and 80s) needs to not forget it's own sinfulness! If they dealt with the delusion first, they would soon see just how much bullshit the church is standing in. I suppose that would be expecting too much.

This isn't time for sleeping folks. We need to reveal these delusions and lies for what they are. We need to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to read them! So this weekend, your homework is to read the Constitution, Bill of Rights(remember, the 22nd Amendment is under attack), and the Declaration of Independence. With an open, questioning, teachable mind. Yes, we have the right to bear arms! So figure out what the real issue is! Stand on that issue. Speak out, and speak up.