Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Conservative Trifecta

An amazing track record from these Republicans in office these days huh? Let's look at three shorts I leave to you to research:

1. The Reverend Gary Aldridge. Good Baptist Pastor in Montgomery Alabama, and graduate of one of the bastions of moral virtue, was found dead in his home. Dressed in scuba gear, it has all the signs of auto-erotic asphyxiation. The coroner is being quiet about it, and one web site I linked to had a "report" that looked scanned and hence possibly doctored, stated he had a dildo in his rectum. Leaving out the dildo part, he's still dead, and was still dressed in scuba gear. What is up with these folk? Privette, Latham, Haggard, Barnes, and Aldridge. The list keeps getting longer.

2. The right wing smear of Graeme Frost. I was encouraged to see in the New Republic that they actually took apart the right wing blogs and Michelle Malkin's distortions of the facts to make their cases in spreading lies to propagate their agendas. In a section of the New Republic web site called The Plank you can read all about the distortions,lies, and lack of responsibility.

3. But the big one is the story of the current administrations usage of drugs to fund war. Have you ever wondered what is becoming of the ever-increasing poppy fields of Afghanistan? I often wondered if the pharmas were getting some of it, but then remembered that back in Viet Nam the US learned a lesson from France in using drug money to further an agenda. The US also used that tactic in Central America during the Reagan administration, which we know today as the Iran-contra affair. Well, it seems it might be happening again. It would certainly explain why nothing is being dome about the poppy harvests that former Defense nutjob Rumsfeld stated would be eliminated. The late Gary Webb wrote about this issue, and there is a series called Dark Alliance that one can read about to discover more of how it worked during the Reagan administration.

I have complete faith that the Republicans will successfully be eliminated as a viable political party for decades by the small minority in office. I don't have much faith in the Democrats though. There is a growing number of progressives that I like, and hopefully that trend will continue. It would be refreshing to see a government not under the spell of corporate money.

Some day it would be nice to not have any material for stories like these.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Full of Crap on Iran

General Betray Us is full of crap. Anything that emerges from his mouth should be viewed as a talking point from a potential presidential candidate, and being a Bushie, hence untrustworthy.

On the other hand, Iran fueling the war in Iraq? No duh! Only the idiots like Bush, Petraus and the other coneheads that started this war with the wrong country would have missed that point. But there you have it.

More war mongering from the fools who still don't get the significant difference between Shiia and Sunni.

Any Democrat that supports this idiocy, and resolutions against advertisements that were factually accurate, should be voted out of office, along with 90% of the dumber than dumb unAmerican Republicans.

But on the other hand, if they start another conflict, it will result in no one trusting Republicans for the next half century! The destruction to the Middle East as well as Israel and America will guarantee a single party state excluding Republicans for decades to come. At least until the independents and progressives can muster enough to overthrow the likes of Reid, Clinton, and the other DLC turncoats. Remember, by the people, of the people, for the people. We the people.