Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sayonara! Adios! Ciao! Bye Bye!

Well I told you it was coming, and so it is. Gonzoword is going to pass off, and reincarnate as a new blog.

You see, it's tiresome to continuously prove that the right wingers are wrong. It's easy to do sure, but not what is needed in this world. One set of egos, the left wing, easily proving that the policies emerging from the right wing egos have done nothing beneficial, may be easy, funny at times, sad, and pathetic, but in the end we are left with exactly what we started with: ego.

So I'm done with it all. I'm more interested in presenting ideas that might actually work, that don't prove anyone wrong, or inferior, un-American, anti-Constitutional, hypocritical, or any of those labels that get tossed around these days. In the end, we all bleed red blood. Which makes us brothers and sisters, despite all the layers of armor and ego that are attached to the consciousness residing within.

What I am interested in seeing is how a raised level of consciousness melds with political dialog. That will eventually happen. There seems to be very little of it at the national level, I have a tendency to think that it is happening at the local level. When at once we begin to drop our labels willingly, and settle in for discussions on how we can establish a planet that co-exists, yes, that is purposely an open ended statement full of implication, then we will move political dialog forward beyond the realm of ego.

So good bye to my belligerence, my being right, better than, more American than, and all the rest of that labeled garbage. I may have had some salient points, but duking it out in the realm of ego is like arguing about whether or not the officiating cost the Seahawks the Superbowl while the ice flow we are on is melting.

It is time to focus on that which we want, not that we don't want. That is the way to marginalize and reduce the things we don't want. True, ignoring a bad tooth does not make it go away. Though it does eventually when the dentist fixes the problem, it is a matter of focusing on what we can do as a country, and as local communities to show our love for one another, our compassion for those that need it, to generate opportunities for all, and not worry about fixing blame or labels on the problem, and then being "anti" this or that, or waging a "war" against this or that.

This approach involves what Scott Peck wrote about in his book, Different Drum. It's called consensus, and it isn't consensus without conflict. Conflict doesn't mean war either. It means that we spend the time getting over our egos because we know that we all want whats best for the common good, and that we have the will and intelligence to come up with a solution that will work.

So the header descriptions will be changing, and the content of what I write. Or maybe I should say the spirit in which I write, as well. I doubt I can avoid issues. I suppose I can detach from it. After all, in the end, it is all meaningless. Look at how many years these debates go on, and rise and fall, and progress emerges slowly. And when we are lying on our deathbed, what really matters? Universal health care? Free market economies? Or love? Will you want to die surrounded by educational ideas, ethics reforms, or your family?

It seems to me that we have the cart in front of the horse. I want to see the American family get in order. Not the American ideology, or dogma. The family. The real humans who are born in this country that need to embrace one another instead of beliefs, platforms, or ego. Then I think we'll start to see real success on issues that affect us all.