Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Of The same!

If anyone has been following the Republican primary race, even as loosely as I have, then one must wonder just what level Republicans think at.

McCain has jumped into the lead delegate wise. Of course, Super Tuesday could alter all that, but it may reinforce that. Two things about the Republican primaries stand out: First, it shows just how divided the camp really is. With nothing but a bunch of white guys running, there is complete disarray among the leader, and what that leader will represent to America. Huckabee won Iowa. Romney won Michigan, and McCain won Florida. The only consistent signal there is the religious one represented by Romney and Huckabee, and likely Huckabee considers Romney a cult member, as most fundamentalists do, though he would not answer that question directly if ever asked. The second thing about the Republican primaries is that the numbers are considerably lower in two regards. In Iowa, the numbers were lower than the last contested primary, and that was true in South Carolina as well. And in all the primaries, the Republicans are not fielding as many voters as Democrats are. Consider Iowa, where the Dems outnumbered the Cons two to one. In this mostly white, comfortably believing, middle of the country farmland, Democrats showed up two to one over Republicans and seated Obama. I understand that in Michigan, the number of "undecided" votes for the non-binding Democratic primary was larger than the number of votes for the winner of the Republican race. And even in red state South Carolina, Democratic voters outnumbered Republicans by 20%.

And what have these Republican voters said in their choices? That they want more of the same in Washington come this November. They want a guy who stated to Michigan voters, the ones who make cars in a beleaguered industry, "
I've got to give you some straight talk: Some of the jobs that have left the state of Michigan are not coming back," he said. "They are not. And I am sorry to tell you that."

Some of the jobs? Seems like he was saying something heavier than the "some" would indicate, because it's followed by an apology. Where's the American spirit in that statement? Where's the pioneer? The leader? This was a wholesale sell-out to global corporatism if ever there was one. No wonder he lost Michigan.

Secondly, here's a guy who promises more wars. This is the same guy who thought signing "Bomb, bomb Iran" to a Beach Boys melody was cute.

So consider that we are rapidly approaching an official recession, and the best thing the Republicans can put forward is "more of the same" for four more years. No concern about recapturing American jobs, make the tax cuts for the top 1% permanent (because they are doing such wonders for the economy doncha know?), and more war to pay for.

Unless your goal is to bankrupt a nation and bring forth an aristocratic oligarchy, then there appears to be no thinking at all on the part of the Republicans. At least not beyond themselves. It gives one second thoughts about their crazy fantasies of a permanent Republican majority.

When it comes to thinking and the republican vision for the future, the question seems to be, how low can you go?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where Is Our Country Headed?