Thursday, April 26, 2012

Despite How Much Things Change...

They remain the same.

I first started this blog, which has been relatively quiet for 2 years, back in 2005. And politically not much has changed. There is still plenty of partisan bickering, and very real solutions are not being created.

The grass roots, what real people are doing, is what is changing this country. Not the astroturf movements like the Tea Party, with a very defined agenda and plenty of string pullers and few donators, both one in the same.

Take the issues around food. Obviously there are several. People are tired of fast food. The movie Super Size me comes to mind. So what has happened over the last several years? CSAs have popped up all over. No government program there. people are gardening a lot more. And small farms that don't use GMOs or chemical are proliferating. Empty lots in urban areas are being gardened. This is all people power, doing it by themselves, for themselves.

Let's take money. Occupy is a movement that is hardly organized. Nothing centralized anyway. And what occurred last year in the fall? Billions were moved out of big banks and went to credit unions. People taking power over their own money.

That's grass roots movements. Another area under the radar is community wealth. Employees owned businesses, growing quietly and steadily into big numbers. There are more EOB workers than union members in the US now according to Democracy Collaborative.

In that regard, much is changing. The shell is the same, but the Arab Spring that is still happening in Egypt, Syria, Greece, Spain, Russia, and other places was a good sign that there is a consciousness shift occurring. Look what happened to the radio empire of Rush Limbaugh. And then those sights got turned on the corporate legislative lobby ALEC. The money is drying up because of demand by normal citizens that are saying, we aren't taking this stuff any more. They want alternative energies. They want healthy food. They want a system that perpetuates health and not illness. They want to stop the control of our government by special interests with deep pockets.

Despite how much things stay the same, they change. It's imperative. In 2012, the shift that is occurring is away from the elite to the extraordinary common. There is no more room for business as usual.