Friday, January 01, 2010

Blundering Idiots?

One person commented that the GOP has become a sorry cult of a party.

Here is a story. There are three links connected to it. I encourage you to read those as well, all short for the most part. What it will reveal is that politics in this country is becoming a circus. This GOP candidate makes comments on the cybersphere. Oops. He doesn't think that this stuff is saved or recorded? Then when people respond to his comments, he tries to delete the remarks. Oops. Overt admission of trying to be something you claim you aren't to save a budding political career.

What all this points out is that as a man thinks, he speaks. This candidate is a confessed Christian. He should know his own Bible teaches that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Already this man is at odds with himself and his own religion. As a man speaks, he acts. Then his deeds become habit, and those habits become character. The GOP is truly becoming a circus of immoral fools.

So regasrdless of the party, remember that trying to erase the past is not advisable. The mouth reveals the heart, and so what sort of policies one can expect from the candidate, regardless of party affiliation. It's past time to begin electing those who keep their religion as their own business, who don't take money from big business, and don't have to worrry about erasing their past comments.


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