Monday, March 19, 2007

The New Slogan

Rule of law is a favorite buzz phrase of the righties when it comes to immigration. They like to point out that illegal immigration is just that: illegal. These people broke the law and should be deported.

Never mind the illegal act of the employer hiring them. That doesn't count. It's only the act of crossing the border that counts. In other words, it's a selective rule of law that is important. And the same is true of the new buzz phrase of the righties.

"The criminalization of politics." I read Tom Delays rant which appeared in's recent e-mail. I had to laugh because it came from a book titled, No Retreat, No Surrender: One American's Fight. Of course, we all know now that Mr. Delay is still facing criminal charges and that he did retreat, and he did surrender, at least his seat in Congress.

What Mr. Delay does is blame this "criminalization" on the left. Which is perfectly absurd, but will go unnoticed by the majority of right wingers who will latch onto the persecuted victim/martyr role while conveniently ignoring the fact that Mr. Delay was brought up on charges during a time in which his own party ruled Congress. They will forget that Duke Cunningham was convicted of corruption during that same Congressional period, and by a prosecutor that was appointed by George H.W. Bush. Bob Ney was also convicted during this same Congressional period of corruption by Mary K. Butler, who went to work in the Justice Department during Reagan's presidency. And Scooter Libby was found guilty by a jury, and prosecuted by a Republican appointed attorney. And just coincidentally, a majority of the eight attorney's with glowing records that were summarily fired recently, were Republican appointed attorneys. Including the one that prosecuted Duke Cunningham, and one who was "too slow" in prosecuting Democrats before the election. His name was Dave Iglesisas, and the Republicans that put pressure on him to secure these convictions were Pete Dominici and Heather Wilson. Both of who denied it, later admitted it, and have hired lawyers.

Ah, the looks of innocence....

Of course, Alberto Gonzalez has apologized for these firings, because now that subpoenas are being issued into the validity of those firings, he's feeling the heat which is being added to the admitted abuse of the Patriot Act by the Gonzalez headed Justice Department. In both situations he thinks an apology is all that is needed to ameliorate the breaking of the law.

What is demonstrated by this though is the true criminalization of politics whereby a political party thinks they can use their political power to justify criminal actions. They just don't like getting caught.

The Rule of Law. That phrase can now join it's cousin, Support the Troops, as true Republican oxymorons.


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