Monday, February 19, 2007

The War Drums Beat Louder

I wonder how many people realize what the possible consequences with attacking Iran are. But first, let's remember that not too long ago, the real ruler of Iran, the Ayatollah, offered in a letter to the US, to acknowledge Israel, reign in Hezbollah, and allow for more scrutiny of their nuclear program. All Bush had to do was stop the rhetoric.

We all know where that went. But have you ever wondered why it is that they always focus on the comments of Ahmadinejad, who is simply the President of Iran. The Supreme leader of Iran is the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran is not a democratic country, it is a theocracy,
and there are several ruling committees that are over the president and they govern on the basis of the Quran.

As I posted before about the Christian rights ignorance of history in this area, I mentioned that the Shah of Iran was "inserted" in 1953 with help from the CIA. In a letter from Iran's President to president Bush, this very same act of the insertion of the Shah is still seen as a grievance of the Iranian people. That's a long memory.

So let's look at some facts about Iran, as differing from Iraq, and whether or not a fight with them would be wise. First, Iran has three times the population, and there are no no-fly zones. Henceforth they have an air force and anti-aircraft defense systems. So air superiority over Iran isn't a given like it was in Iraq. Second, Iran has a better equipped and larger army than Iraq had. Iraq's army never recuperated from the fighting in 1991. So a three week romp, now entering it's fifth year, can't be expected in Iran. recall that Hezbollah pretty much had their way with Israel's army recently in Lebanon. The people who train Hezbollah are the Republican Guard of Iran. So if the students are that good, imagine what the teachers might be like. Third, Iran has allies that Iraq never had. Russia supplies them with some of their weaponry, and China is a big oil buyer. Iraq could only dream of potentially having two countries like that in their corner.

So let's imagine that Bush is stupid enough(we know he is) to attack a sovereign country. How do you suppose Iran would respond? If Israel is involved, then an immediate missile to Israel would be expected. Not nuclear, but destructive enough. Maybe several of them. Considering that Iran is predominantly Shiite, then expect the Shiite's of Iraq, and Syria, and Jordan at least, to rise up against America, American interests, and governments that support them. And if push comes to shove, Iran will target the oil fields of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Remember, our cushion between demand and supply is about 2%. If oil fields suddenly go down, we would be facing a shortfall of potentially 30%. So imagine the inflationary effect in this country if oil dropped to 30% shortfall in a day.

Can you begin to think that perhaps this is what these neo-fools in the White House want to establish martial law? Are really this incredibly stupid and/or care so little for the consequences on this country that they would do this anyway?

Can you begin to see why there is so much momentum in this country for the ending of the fighting in Iraq? Now is the time to make noise. The time to stop these war mongers is now.


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