Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Up Escalator

Consider four things when thinking about the current escalation of troops in Iraq.

1 -
That there is a new order to kill or capture Iranians.

2 - Attacking a consulate is a violation of the Vienna Conventions, at that is what America did on or about Jan 11, in the town of Abril, in Iraq. Can you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot?

3 - Iran is mostly Shiite. Saudi Arabia is mostly Sunni. On Jan. 28, 2007 it was reported in the New York Times by Jad Mouawad that Saudi Arabia thinks it can hold the price of a barrel of crude at $50 without crippling it's own economy while crippling Iran's. Look for a turn against the Shiite Maliki government in Iraq and attack on Shiite Mullah Sadr. Is this why VP Cheney was summoned to Saudi Arabia recently for short top secret talks?

4 - The new head of military operations overseeing the occupation in Iraq is an Admiral. What's the Navy doing heading up an operation in the desert? Unless....

Simple saber rattling?

If you read this blog with any regularity, you'll remember what I wrote recently about the Christian right and their distortion of facts, particularly in regards to Iran. Well, they continue to trump up justification of war with Iran.

Today I was channel surfing like I usually do, and stopped by Pastor John Hagee's show to listen to what he had to say. And right there on national television, he stated that the Shah of Iran's government was democratic. If you do any searching about the Shah, you'll find out that he never installed a democracy, he was not elected, and his secret police were notoriously violent. Political opposition did not exist. Now I can suppose one can say that Hagee just isn't doing his homework. However, he mentions an intelligence briefing that was on his desk, and quoted a couple Congressional reports on Homeland Security. So it seems that Hagee does his homework. Which categorizes his statement about the Shah of Iran as deliberate distortion or a lie. The difference is pretty moot for an alleged man of God. And just what is a Pastor doing with intelligence reports on his desk? And included in his bluster was the, now spread to the church, "mushroom cloud" talk that preceded the Iraq invasion. Yessiree, the Iranians could blow up a satellite above America that would create an electro magnetic pulse that would cut off all electricity in America for months, or even years. Ahhh, the fear factor. It seems that Hagee was reading almost verbatim form this site. Notice at that site the complete lack of verification of information. Then read a scientific site and you'll discover that what Hagee was saying just isn't all that true. And why would a pastor be spreading fear? And if you look at the name below the quote on the United States Action site, click on it, and read, you'll see the decidedly right hand slant to it. Not that unexpected from the Religious Reich of America, but verifiable none-the-less.

So consider all this, and then let your Congresspeople know how you feel. This administration wants to escalate this war to include at least Iran.

Is that a vlaue and position that you share?


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No nation has any right to produce, possess, procure or use weapons of mass destruction, and every nation has a responsibility to eliminate them, just as each has the responsibility to protect the worlds population from criminal activity and crimes against humanity, for without this moral directive no nation can claim any right to its own humanity.

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