Friday, January 19, 2007

There Is No War in Iraq!

That's right, there is no war. There hasn't been for almost four years. What we have had is an occupation. So quit using the phrase war in Iraq, and watch what happens to your thinking about what is happening there. There is also no "war on terror." Why? Because terror is an emotion. How can you fight an emotion and when do you think you win? See how open ended that is? War invokes fear. Terror invokes fear. So utilizing that phrase only engenders fear. Is fear something you value? A wiser President once said, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself." And that is exactly what some Americans want America to do: live in fear.

It is an occupation of Iraq. One with no plan, or even the necessary armor. One that the President wants to escalate. We stand against the crime of terrorism. We defy those who utilize it to hurt innocent people to make political gains. We should bring them to justice, just as Colin Powell suggested before Bush invaded Iraq or Afghanistan.

Let's use our language properly to better define our values. Do we value an occupation? Do we value imperialism? Particularly one that is accomplishing nothing in regards to rebuilding, let alone bringing stability to the country or region. Is an occupation really what democracy and freedom are all about?

Do we value justice? Is it being intelligently pursued? Where is the indictment against Osama Bin Laden? Where is Bin Laden? How are we pursuing him, to bring him to justice for 9/11? Why doesn't the FBI Most Wanted page for Bin Laden even mention 9/11 in connection to Bin Laden?

Consider the other issues then. Consider them in light of your values, and see if a change in terminology is required to better express your values. Most likely, the spin and talking points versions of presenting issues won't fit.


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