Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Same Ol' Song

Republicans are getting good at this tune. A good ol' family values song.

The first verse is denial. Like that of Duke Cunningham, Tom Delay, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, paster Ted Haggard and the rest of the band. A couple new members to that group are Congressfolk Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson.

Both apparently contacted a federal prosecutor looking into Democratic corruption. Then when the administration decided they wanted a crony in that position, as well as several others, they fired these prosecutors. None of them were incompetent. Most of them had glowing service records. But many of them were after Republicans.

To contact a federal prosecutor to get results is unethical. Particularly when it involves someone of the opposite party at election time. Which is what Wilson and Domenici allegedly did. And true to the band, when questioned about it, they denied it.

So how does this song go?

The first verse is the denial verse. Wilson and Domenici have already sung that one. Then when they realized that denying it plasuibly was no longer possible, the admit they are liars about denying by acknowledging they had done so.

It's about here we add the same old chorus, which I already posted about.

The third verse is denying they had done anything wrong. Which of course leads one to ask why they denied making the contact in the first place. This is where I tend to think that politicians are stupid. It is so apparent that they are covering their tracks legally, and looking at the track record of the fellow band members, you'd think they would learn.

Stupid of course means unable to learn. What I think is driving these otherwise intelligent people to act so stupidly, is their distorted concept of power and their lack of understanding of what they said when they took their oath of office.

Here we put in some solos from the band memebers, and then head back into the song body.

The next verse will be an admission of guilt, and as Ney, Foley, and Haggard all demonstrated, they blamed it on something other than having made the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. Blame falls on some form of substance abuse or early childhood abuse. Woe is me.

Another chorus please...

So far we have seen then that the song sometimes ends with a stint in rehab (Foley), plain ol acting like nothing happened(Ney), or complete healing in three weeks of life long demons! (Haggard)

This song is getting as worn out as any radio hit that is grossly overplayed.
But stay tuned America, because the hits will just keep on coming...


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