Saturday, February 24, 2007

Revisiting an old Project

Somewhere in the archives, I may have mentioned the Project for A New American Century. Once I got an e-mail form a journalist in Jamaica who read one of my posts. I was honored. And I have learned much since then. I also decided to re-read the report that put the Project on the map, and the thinking that is responsible for the United States' current situation in the Middle East.

So what I would like to do is, as I read this missive, post some as to what the administration has done either in blatant contradiction or support of that report.

But let me start by saying this: John Bolton was a Director of the Project for a New American Century. This same guy that was Under-Secretary at the State Department (now bleeding profusely of qualified people), and then US envoy to the United Nations. And as we look at the signatories of the Project, and see what they are aiming to achieve, we will see more clearly what the true motives are for the current administration as they proclaim their spread of freedom and march of democracy.


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