Friday, March 02, 2007

The Same Ol' Chorus...

"...a bad hangovers something I can't stand, yet here I am with a jug in my hand.
Whooo, whoo, trouble trouble,
Worries on my mind.
Gonna go down to that cellar, get some of that mellow wine..."

These words of former Foghat front man Lonesome Dave Peverett describe quite well the current conservative penchant for continual bad behavior. Consider the headache of global climate change that won't go away.

You knew that if Gore won an Oscar for the documentary Inconvenient Truth, that the right would be shilling the next day about it. And they still are. Over at NewsMax, they crank out the not only the supposed articles proving Gore wrong (despite the tons of science leaning the other way), but the false report about Gore's personal use of energy. I guess we are expected to think that the vast majority of peer reviewed studies and the recent United Nations reports that emphatically state there is man-made global climate change occurring are all wrong, and the right wing talking heads and profit-from-polluting corporations who deny it are correct.

Well, Keith Olberman set the record straight on his show, and I saw Gore personally explain his carbon imprint on the world. Despite the fact his usage is up, and significantly from renewable sources, his bill is less than one third of one percent of the Vice presidents electric bill at the VP mansion in DC. And taxpayers are footing Cheney's bill. Another intersting fact is that the "think tank" that brought forth this false report is a right leaning arm of a state level group called the State Policy Network. It turns out the Tennessee Center for Policy Reserach hasn't produced any policy briefs since October 2005, or any policy reports for the last 11 months. That's a think tank that has a loud echo in it.

For my part, I look up the people in these groups to make sure of the left claim to be a right wing wank group. Sure enough, the people involved are also in well known right wing "think tanks" like the Heritage Foundation, and in our neck of the woods, groups that are regularly heard on local conservative radio like the Evergreen Freedom Foundation. Further investigation shows that Byron Lamm, the president of State Policy Network, was noted as a director of Grover Norquist's Americans For Tax Reform, and made political contributions in his home state to Mike Pence and Dick Lugar.

So this so-called think tank turns out to be a right wing hack machine. They produce a report that is erroneous, and groups like NewsMax swallow it hook line and sinker because, well, why do you think?

All together on the chorus! "Whooo wooo...."

Consider the nauseating military mismanagement coupled with right wing "support the troops" attitude. As we have seen in the Walter Reed Hospital story that recently broke, they do less supporting of them if they live, though are injured. And when Tony Snow was asked about the report of troops being sent to the escalation in Iraq without desert training, Snow's response was they could get their training in Iraq. With yet another report showing that the National Guard is woefully deficient, and the years old stories of ill-equipped soldiers and equipment being sent to Iraq, one has to question how much substance is actually in the Republican use of the phrase. And with continued upswings in the military budget, where is all the money going?

And last but not least, even though the President himself said we are addicted to oil, the sure fire answer is to drill for more! Do we really want the conservatives managing any kind of addiction?

Perhaps one would have thought that after learning about the troops and their vehicles actually fighting without the necessary armor, that the administration would have jumped all over the mismanagement, and up and down throughout the military. You would have thought that after last November's 2x4 to the collective conservative head they might have learned that the old ways of doing things might not work any more.

We are wrong. Troops go without training, the hospital system and veteran care is failing the veterans, and the right continues to use spin doctors to spread their lies to a shrinking base.

I guess it's time to head to the cellar for another jug...

One more time on the Chorus! "Whoo woo..."


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