Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Crappie Floppin' Ryties Get It Wrong Again.

Just like a crappie in the bottom of the boat: you can never tell which side will be up next! That of course makes them harder to grab a hold of. But oops, there's the tell-tale black spot, which means they are parasitic. Throw it back into the water...

In my in-box I got the news today that Tom Tancredeo, another far right nut job who suggested we should take out Muslim holy sites if terrorists used a nuke in America, is going to run for president. (Flip) He then denied making the statement. (Flop) His strong issue is ignoring the 14th Amendment, because he thinks all immigrants should be shipped home. Not that I think illegals should be given carte blanche. We do need a better immigration effort, and his is spot on on saying that we need to go after the employers, and that the problem is the employers are a Republican constituency. And he once said that we should never reward law breakers. (Flip) So where is Tancredo on pardoning Libby? (Flop)

For President?

In other news, it seems that the efforts to establish some transparency in Washington are considered Big Brotherism by the fundies. Never mind (Flip) the acknowledged illegal eavesdropping, and the recent illegal activities of the FBI as admitted by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, the effort to make sure that folk like Mr. Abramoff don't have veiled access anymore (Flop) are being considered Big Brother actions ala 1984. These same folk are the hypocrites who cried about the lobby reform bill that required of them the same transparency of their funding as did the right wing requirements established for the unions years ago. The right wing spin on it is that it would effectively cut off their ability to "redress the government" as allowed in the First Amendment. Is that a black spot I see?

Almost approaching funny, the Traditional Values Coalition almost fainted when Congressman Peter Stark of California stated in a response to a survey that he was a Unitarian that didn't believe in a Supreme Being. Supposedly a first in American history! The tragedy! And the ignorance. Wow.

Maybe the folk over at TVC should consider the fact that there is a Muslim Representative, and at least two Buddhists. The Muslim version of God is a far cry different from their own, as the fundies have reminded us for years. And Buddhists don't believe in a supreme being either. But this is how they describe the import of the event:

"Christian Seniors Association Executive Director James Lafferty notes: 'It is sad but not surprising that the current Congress has produced this historic first – one of its members has denied God. The liberals in Congress want to throttle any school child who bows his or her head in prayer but they want to establish a right for liberals to bash Christians and berate God around the clock.'”

Yessir, Peter Stark stating he didn't believe in a supreme being is God Christian bashing and God berating. Never mind the fact that this sort of stupidity flows forth from their mouths, which their Scriptures claim is the overflow of the heart, and that they, in their own minds, are the sole representatives of God on the planet. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how then some might bash Christians and their God. But that wasn't what Stark was doing.

And just what is denying God? Denying the existence of God is not the same as believing in a supreme being but refusing to agree to something allegedly stated by a supreme being is also the act of denying. And what would be it be considered when Thomas Jefferson cut all the miracles out of the Bible, and produced something that is still printed today, and was for years handed out to freshman Congresspeople? On the face of it, a refusal to accept something stated as true(deny), and that was done by a sitting president and founder of the country. A historical first?

No, a hysterical first. Ooo, that is a black spot, and here's another one.

Throw it back.


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