Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Right Has Forgotten

What America stands for!

Yesterday I listened to Sean Hannity on his national radio program. As I expected, he was distorting the immigration bill that was hammered out in Congress this week. But he said four things I wanted to lay out before you that I thought needed clarifying, because they are common talking points of the right wing talking heads that are on the dole.

First, Sean hearkened back to the rule of law days of Reagan. Since the right wing attitude of the day as demonstrated in the Presidential debates of the conservatives is to emulate Ronald Reagan, they are conveniently revising even his history because, as reported, he offered amnesty to millions of workers in the country illegally in 1986. So if it's good enough for Reagan, it's certainly good enough for any conservative now.

Second, Sean made the comment of the failure of these people to recognize a sovereign country, namely, the USA. I wonder if that same sort of failure to recognize sovereignty is the same as the kind we displayed in failing to recognize Afghanistan's when we went after and failed to catch Osama Bin Laden. Which ended up being the excuse when President Bush was pressed because Bin laden was hiding in Pakistan. We want others to follow rules we don't?

Third, Sean repeated how important it is that the rule of law be observed. That's almost funny when you consider the long list of indicted Republicans: Tom Delay, Bob Ney, and Duke Cunningham to name a few. Spider webbing from there of course is the current Department of Justice scandal of the "rule of law" crowd that has lead one graduate of a prominent Christian university to resign her position at the Department and plead the fifth. A Christian at the Gonzalez led Department of Justice pleading the fifth?! Not to mention the President acknowledging warrant-less eavesdropping on Americans, another illegal act. And they trumpet the need for rule of law which they ignore routinely?

And the final thing that Hannity said that struck me as completely un-American was that immigrants shouldn't come here unless they are invited. Wow. Such ignorance of history and all that America stands for is so mind boggling it defies description. One could almost slap the political label fascist on it, but it still defies description. Regardless, I knew then that Sean Hannity never visited the Statue of Liberty. Or, if he had, it was a waste of time because he doesn't believe in the principle of the Lady. That's the invitation right there! It's what America stands for. It's an open invitation, and always has been.

The upshot is that such mishandling of the truth and history is being presented to Americans on such a massive scale. The right has no shame in their revisionist approach mainly because they want to remake America into something that it was never intended to be. So why such misrepresentation and deception? Why not simply state that they don't like the way it was set up to begin with and they want to change it? Because they know that they would be tarred and feathered and run out of town.

So I guess this Gonzalez like lack of memory is spreading among conservatives. Which proves to any one listening or reading, regardless of the issue, that they are incapable of the leadership of a country as great as ours.


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