Thursday, May 17, 2007

Judas Moment Redux

A perfect example of what I stated in a previous post entered into my in-box this morning.

I regularly get posts from right wing groups because it lets you know what they really think. What they say in their lobbying and what they say to their supporters are usually two different things.

Consider the Traditional Values Coalition, led by Reverend Lou Sheldon. They oppose the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes prevention Act. It is not unusual to for cons to parrot their misinformation about bills before Congress. Just stroll over to and read what their posters put up. It's like listening to a bunch of mini-radio heads trying to out do one another. It's both pathetic and funny. TVC is no different.

Their latest post throws out the martyr card to their supporters. "Oh, look how we are being attacked!" That's supposed to be proof that they are doing God's work. But the sellout is down at the bottom of the letter.

In between there you get their justifications for opposing lobbying reform and hate crimes. It is imperative to stop the Homosexual Fascists. I wonder in what state that political party appeared on the ballot? It's a new one on me! What they really want is to continue to verbally lash out at groups that interfere with their political agenda.

Now, what that amounts to is not a hate crime. When one attempts to silence a group through the actions dictated against one, is more accurately called terrorism. And so when right wing nutjobs kill abortion doctors, or gays, because of their gender or choice, that is what this bill calls a hate crime, but is actually terrorism.

But they are stumping their opposition as freedom of speech! I have to again point out to the religious community that calls themselves Christians, if you were preaching love and compassion to those you dislike, as you are supposed to be doing, this bill wouldn't exist.

And lobbying reform? Isn't Christian lobbying an oxymoron? How does lobbying constitute being the salt of the earth? The city on the hill? The light so shining before men?

So after TVC describes their enemies, including the Secular Socialists (another unheard of group for which they have no verifiable proof of their talking point moniker), what do they ask for?

Prayer? Love? No. They get right down to the most important traditional value, they ask for money. There's the sellout. The implied mission, and then the kiss.

Some of you may have heard that recently President Bush had a host of religious right leaders in the White House to discuss, not family values, not marriage, not compassion, or feeding the poor, or anything else remotely Christian. Instead, these religious leaders were there to discuss the policies concerning war in Iraq and Iran.

Ah yes, another Judas moment.


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