Friday, April 27, 2007

The Beauty of Free Speech and a Free Internet

Good Morning fellow Americans!

Isn't it great? Because of the wisdom of the founders, unmatched in the most part since their days, we have the freedom to make ourselves look like fools by what we say.

Look at the disarray of the right for example around their Presidential hopefuls. John McCain's Striaght Talk Express is running on flat tires. Thanks to the internet, his numerous public gaffes are known by far more people than jsut those that watch the evening news. In particular, note his comment about how safe the market was in Iraq. It was the net that showed the facts: gunships, helicopters, a battalion of men, previous clearing of the market, placed agents to look like sales people, and flak jacket. You know, the stuff every Iraqi has. That comment was as good as the related comment that General Patraeus drove around in his unarmored Humvee safely.

Then there is Dobson's attack on Giuliani for not being Christian enough for the Religious Reich. I guess the religious folk don't care for Giulianni's adultery or his stand on abortion. Perhpas if Dobson allowed Giulianni on his program to talk about his adultery, like Newt Gingrich did, then Dobson would brand him as brave, like he did for Gingrich. Especially since Giulianni recently flip-flopped on his stand on abortion. Republicans like wafflers like that.

Gingrich isn't really running, and his adultery would be the stuff of comedians for a long time. Not to mention his recent comments about the situation at Virginia Tech. The Crooks and Liars web site has the footage, as do many other sites. Basically he started with blaming video game violence. Then he launcehed into situational ethics which is, I guess, an anti-God leftist ethic. But wait! Isn't there a hugely popular game out now that has Christian soldiers walking ruined city streets killing people that won't convert?! Why, yes there is! Do you suppose Gingrich had that game in mind?

Then there's the flip-flopper Romney, who as Governor had different views about abortion. But now that he's running for the big office, ne needs the evangelical vote, and so said what they wanted to hear. His big issue with them though is that he's a cult memeber. At least according to Pat Robertson's 700 Club web site. Look under the Spiritual Life header, or puch cults into the search bar.

And there's serial adulterer Rudy to consider, who still is on a fence by appearances, on abortion. He'll never win the evangelicals that way. Nor will his Gingrich like history of adultery.

One thing they do all have in common, as well as potential candidate Fred Thompson, is that they are all out of sync with America on the war in Iraq. As any poll reader knows, almost three fourths of the country believes we should get out of Iraq. I myself heard Thompson just yesterday state on the radio that fighting is what we will do, it's really a question of where.

Because we have the internet, we can all see and hear these marvelous blunders of conservatism almost as they happen. Not that conservatives have a lock on verbal gaffes, or idiocy for all that matters.

But when it comes to fielding a Presidential candidate, it seems quite obvious to any one with functioning eyes that these wanna-bes are hopelessly out of step with reality and the country they think they are qualified to lead.

So bravo for free speech, You Tube, the net, and the wonderful technocrats that keep it functioning and those wanting to keep it free and out of the hands of big money control. Because of their tireless work, we can be front row center to what looks like one of the best circuses around, complete with loose-lipped Republi-clowns.

Let's make sure that we maintain this freedom. It is being assualted. Free has a lot of info on this issue, and this morning I read an article on the Common Dreams web site about internet filtering and censorship that is growing across the globe. The worst examples were in the Middle East. But according to the article, the number of countries doing it is growing.

To maintain any kind of rhetoric that we believe in the democratic principles of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, it seems that we should be raising our voices on this issue. Only those seeking a tyrannical rule attack these basic freedoms of a free society.

Let's help our planetary brothers and sisters enjoy their own circuses!


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