Saturday, April 21, 2007

What country can you think of that built a wall in a major city to separate the peoples? Need a hint?

Are you thinking about the one that came down in 1986, ending the Cold War, or so we like to think, and was erected by the evil Soviet empire? That would be a good guess.

But wrong.

It's the USA. Right in Bagdhad. In a sure fire way to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis everywhere, up goes a wall designed to separate the Sunnis from the Shiites.

Now I'm sure that this good neighbor policy effort will result in peace breaking out all over Iraq. This will be hailed an another American victory, sure to quell the violence that has seen, since the beginning of the recent escalation, not only the highest per day deaths of Iraqis, but the highest monthly death rate since we invaded back in 2003.

Yessir, nothing like segregation to bring people together. It surely worked in Poland during the Nazi occupation of that country, and it allows for great neighbor feelings like those in Berlin for almost half a century and between the two Koreas. Oh, and lets not forget the wall between the Israelis and Palestinians.

And this same mentality wants a wall between Mexico and the US. Surely that will just make for the best barbeques between neighbors.
Walls must surely be what signifies free democratic societies.

In all their blathering, and half baked immigration bills, still no one mentions the surest way to stop the hiring, and hence flood of illegals: Go after the employers. The righties don't ever mention the rule of law being applied to the employers. No sir. Apparently it only applies to those who violate certain laws.

What do you suppose would happen if we decided that if you hired an illegal immigrant that you went to jail and your business was shuttered? You can bet your bippy that the labor pool of illegals would dry up right quick.

And what the righties forget in all their wall/fascist thinking is that lower wages are the basic tenet of capitalism, and all these illegals have been ignored for this long for that very reason. And so all their rhetoric will amount to just that, because they have no power on Capital Hill who are very interested in and invested in keeping the wages of Americans low.

So like the gullible fish they are, they swallow the hook of wall building as a solution, forgetting all other details, not to mention the very nature of what makes America what it is.

My opinion is that we definitely need stronger border control. That can be partially done
by doing away with the reason most of them cross the border: jobs. So the keystone to any good immigration bill makes hiring an illegal a jailable offense, as I already mentioned.

I don't agree that illegals can be rounded up and deported. If there are as many as estimated, then it would take an enormous amount of money and man power to do it. It wouldn't be worth it. It is at this point better to make them pay a fine and become citizens, like the new bill does. It is a long process, and should require that they learn English.

And for most of the immigrants, these aren't problems. They would be glad to abide by these rules. A small percentage of them are the law breakers and welfarists, despite the image the righties want to project.

And most importantly, all students should be taught history, and review the many immigrant movements that made the American population what it is. That includes the influx of legal and illegal immigrants, the abuses and successes of immigrants, and what it means to be a citizen of America.

Then future generations won't be so inclined to think that the solution of a free democratic society is to build a wall.


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