Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How The "Mighty" Have Fallen

I wonder how Monica Goodling feels, being a graduate of a Christian university, having had to plead the fifth? It certainly doesn't say much for the university or Christianity in my opinion. It would seem that the school itself is a lot less concerned with the character of the students than their dogma. Or it simply says that Christianity as is currently taught and practiced, and revealed by the likes of Monica Goodling, Pat Robertson, and Ted Haggard, is really a fantasy life. Barely more than a mythology that can't relate to a modern world.

I'm sure at some point that Monica will sell her story of how she fell from grace and committed a crime, then re-committed her life to Jesus. At that point she will probably become a teacher at Regent, her former school, and she will crank out second rate carbon copies of herself.

Either way, it tells me that Christianity has sold out. Money is the God they trust, and dogma is far more important than character. It wasn't much different than in Thomas Jefferson's days, except the money wasn't available from the taxpayers then.


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