Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A True Lack of Integrity

David Vitter. His name is now in the news. He's the Republican representative from Louisiana that stated on June 7 of 2006 that the most important issue is gay marriage. Not the wars in the Middle East which are costing America hundreds of lives $12 billion a month, and not his own states embarrassingly third world condition of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

This is the same guy that was solidly behind the federal marriage protection act. And since he has had to apologize for his name being on the "DC Madame's" list of clients, apparently that's not all he was behind.

So what leads to such rank hypocrisy? How does someone come up so short of being out of touch with reality? Mind you, he's done the political acts of saying he confessed this to his wife and God. Yes, those were political acts, designed to save his political career. Vitter stated in reaction to his predecessor and President Clinton's sexcapades by saying,
“I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton should resign as well and move beyond this mess.” [Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 12/20/98] So will Vitter follow his only advice?

And apparently, this isn't the first time accusations of hooking have attached themselves to Vitter. So just what is the problem?

The problem is that Vitter, like so many people, is out of touch with himself. He does not know himself, or live at peace with himself.

Let me explain, based on the supposition that Vitter considers himself a Christian. After all, he did say he confessed this to his God. If Vitter believes the Bible, and attends church sitting next to his wife, even while whoring, he has likely heard many times that all the prurient stuff that is inherent in humans is the work of the devil. it's the evil part of sinful man, and in Christ, there is a new man. So David I'm sure had struggles. In Christianity they like to call this "spiritual warfare." He probably was fighting like the dickens to rid himself of these demonic thoughts, and later, the guilt that came along with enjoying the services of a woman who would do things his wife wouldn't. So I imagine Dave here is sitting in a pew, just sweating bullets, because he's got this history and memories of the naked bodies of other women dancing in his head, and all this stuff isn't really him, so how can he get rid of it, and what happens if this becomes public knowledge? How pathetic and weak am I?

It then cuts to the reaction stage, where he doubles up his prayer life, and gets vocal on things like protecting marriage. He's riding the high of forgiveness, and shortly after that, he's riding a whore. What to do!? Just what are his values?

His values, like his confession statement, are simply facades. They aren't reality. He doesn't live them from the inside out, because David has never sat down to really learn what is inside him. David doesn't look in. To him there's nothing good there. You look in, and all that's there is the devil or the evil part of him, and Christ, which you see much better by looking up. So in essence, there is no David.

By looking in, he would learn what drives this need to be behind phony morality and hookers at the same time. And that means taking the time to quietly look at himself, all by himself. And to the extent that he fails to do that, the chances are he will repeat this kind of folly.

And this same problem cuts across party lines and issues. So a William Jefferson taking bribes is not all that very different than David Vitter taking hookers.

In some regards, I laugh at this because I know the arrogant part of me likes to point the finger at these ridiculous family values Republicans who don't walk their talk. But I know it's the arrogance I have, the pain of having seen my country hijacked by these liars and sold down the river. Another part of me though is sad and hopeful. Sad because Mr. Vitter is in a painful place, whether he acknowledges it or not. He betrayed a lot of people, including himself. He is struggling with his inner man. Hopeful though because this is another opportunity for David to become more human.

And he'll go back to Washington, where another "escort" service will be plying the corridors of power looking for clients. And they will find David Vitter. And he will once again have the opportunity to say "no."

Unless of course, he follows his own advice and steps down. That would be a real step of integrity.


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