Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hey folks! I see today the House passed, by a mere 8 votes, the anti-flag burning amendment proposal. Personally I hope the states trump the hell out of this. It is a non-issue. How many flag burnings have you seen in this country? Do we need a Constituttional amendment to control that? Ask why the original framers never considered protecting a national symbol. This is a smoke screen. Hyper jingoism, not patriotism. Especially when you look at the service records of the chickenhawk Republicans. So contact your representatives and senators, and tell them what you think. I will. First I need to see how my rep voted, and I go to the Library of Congress for that.( There you can find all the legislative activities of the House, and the activities of the Senate. It also lists how everyone voted. Quite nice actually, since I know the paper where I live, the closest big city paper, listed a voting record wrong once. I knew that because I referred to the LOC first, and saw the opposite of the paper. Plus from LOC you can link to the Reps or Sens and leave them e-mail messages like, "Way to go!" or "What the hell was that?" I did the latter when my Senator voted to confirm Negroponte as intel czar. Jeez, this guy has a past that is littered with death and criminal conviction, and you want him as a head of anything?! Crazy! Not that I expected anything other than the canned response, but I spoke my mind.

So I say "NO" to this amendment.


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