Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Good Morning! I hope all of you have the courage and know-how to contact Congress folk who do either the right thing, or something dumb. Like Senator Voinovich. He is a Rebublican that stood up against Bolton. On the other hand is Senator Dubin, who made some strong comments comparing American treatment of prisoners to past historical atrocities. And then apologized for it.

The problem I have with that apology, and I wrote and told him so, was that it made him gutless, worse, useless. Fascists are ruining this country, and we need Democratic leaders that will stand up to them and not be bullied. Durbin was correct in the statement. What happened in Afghanistan, Abu Gharaib, and Gitmo is inexcusable, and not just unAmerican, it's anti-American. The use of torture, the outsourcing of torture, and the classification as "enemy combatants" as opposed to prisoners, are all thought out precisely to get around the jurisdiction of the Geneva Conventions. That is an anti-American activity. As the supposed leaders of the free world, we should be above that type of thinking.

So where does that put Durbin? There are some options. He might be hiding skeletons, and the fascists leaned on him. Maybe he's protecting a pork project. But I don't think the teary apology was because of pork. Or he's ignorant of just what is happening in this country. He's not aware of the depravity of prisoner treatment. He's not aware of the anti-Constitutional activities of this administration. Or, he just doesn't have the balls to get into a confrontation. The upshot is he doesn't stand against the erosion of freedom and liberty, and he neeeds to hear about that from us. So click on and let him know what you think! And and let him know what you think. You'll likely get a canned response, but numbers of e-mails are telling to politicians. And then write the same info in a letter to the editor of your local paper.


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