Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More of seeing patterns

I am curious if I am the only one seeing this. Okay, not really, because I heard Mike Malloy rant about this as well. Two things actually, but consider them as connected for an even more frightening scenario.

First, what is with KBR winning bids to build detention centers in the US? Supposedly in the event of a natural disaster(detention center?), or undefined national emergency(again the ?), or a sudden influx of immigrants. FROM WHERE?! You know, if the illegal spying was producing anything other than the gross violation of our civil rights, I might be able to understand this. But consider the comment right wing hack job Tony Snow made yesterday on his radio show: he was commenting about the Republicans wanting to find out who leaked the illegal spying. Never mind it's illegal, they want the patriot that leaked the illegal activity. Snow's comment was that we need to make the US safe from reporters. Now can you guess what article in the Bill of Rights that would violate? Those are the true colors of today's conservatism shining through.

And on a different note, yesterday Alberto Gonzalez, the author of American torture, appeared before the Senate to answer questions about the illegal spying. And the Republican controlled committee that called him decided he didn't need to be under oath. So Senator Ross Feingold called for the roster to see just who thought it was okay to not put Gonzalez under oath. This same Republican controlled Senate decided that the oil executives called before the Senate to find out why Americans were paying over $3 a gallon in gas while those gas companies posted quaterly profits of $8 biilion didn't need to be under oath. Nor was it necessary for president Bush, who first resisted the 9.11 Commission, then not(flip flop?), and finally agreed to appear for one hour as long as Cheney was with him to be under oath. Why don't the Republicans demand any one tell the truth? None of these can be chardged with perjury if it turns out they were lying. Now compare that to the many appearances of folk like Janet Reno who appeared before the Senate for hearings during the Clinton administration. Those same Republicans made sure they were under oath.

Is this an administration that can be trusted any more? Is this not enough evidence of rampant lying, corruption, and disregard for not just the truth, but the law as well?


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