Monday, November 21, 2005

The Christian Reich

Gary North wrote in 1982, in an effort to reach Baptists,“We must use the doctrine of religious liberty…until we train up a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they will get busy constructing a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God.”

Ah, but you say, these words are over 20 years old. Consider this though. Roy Moore, the famous southern judge who lost his post for refusing to take down the 10 Commandments, stands a good chance in the race to be Alabam's next governor. According to Nation Magazine, look who surrounds Mr. Moore, as well as others. "Moore has never declared himself a Reconstructionist. But he is a frequent orator at gatherings whose organizers are part of the movement. The primary theologians, activists, and websites of Reconstruction laud him as a hero. Moore’s lawyer in the Ten Commandments fight, Herb Titus, is a Reconstructionist, as are many of his most vocal supporters, including Gary DeMar, the organizer of the Restore America rally and the head of American Vision, one of the most prolific publishers of the movement."

"George W. Bush has called Reconstruction-influenced theoretician Marvin Olasky 'compassionate conservatism’s leading thinker,' and Olasky served as one of the president’s key advisers on the creation of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. Bush also invited Reconstructionist Jack Hayford, a key figure in the Promise Keepers men’s group, to give the benediction at his first inaugural. Deposed House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, though his office won’t comment on his religious views, governs with what he calls a “biblical worldview”—one of Reconstruction’s signature phrases. And, for conspiracy buffs, two heavy contributors to the Chalcedon Foundation—Reconstruction’s main think tank—are Howard Ahmanson and Nelson Bunker Hunt, both of whose families played key roles in financing electronic voting machine manufacturer Election Systems & Software. Ahmanson is also a major sponsor of ultraconservative politicians, including California state legislator and 2003 gubernatorial candidate Tom McClintock. "

Reconstructionists aren’t shy about what exactly it is they are pursuing: “The long-term goal of Christians in politics should be to gain exclusive control over the franchise,” Gary North, a top Reconstruction theorist, wrote in his 1989 book, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism. “Those who refuse to submit publicly…must be denied citizenship.”

"Reconstruction’s major impact has been through helping to found and guide cross-denominational and secular political organizations. The Council for National Policy—a group that holds meetings for right-wing leaders, once dubbed “the most powerful conservative group you’ve never heard of”—was founded in 1981 as a project of top John Birch Society figures (see “The Fountainhead”). Its members included Rushdoony, Gary North, Tim LaHaye, former Reagan aide Gary Bauer, and activist Paul Weyrich, who famously aimed to 'overturn the present power structure of this country.'”

"Another group, the Coalition on Revival, brings together influential evangelicals to produce joint statements and theological white papers. North and DeMar are among the coalition’s most influential members; one of its founding documents is signed by 116 Christian right activists, including Rushdoony, mega-evangelist D. James Kennedy, and Roy Jones, a top staffer at the Republican Senatorial Committee."

So how willing are they to allow for the free expression of religion? I think it is obvious. These people, who have married themselves to the Republican Party, don't care a whit for the Constitution, despite what they say. Submission by force is acceptable, so why not lying? They aren't interested in debate, they want to overthrow. The only opinion that matters is theirs.

Now you know why I call them the Christian Reich. Now you know why I state unequivocally that they must be exposed and stopped. And now you know why I don't believe in their god anymore.


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Speaking now of the future, there is irony that so many desire to see into the future, when so few bother to look into the past, for it is the thoughts and deeds of the past and present which have and will determine your future.

Speaking now of specifics, one can see the emerging new humanity suffering along side their forebears, as the old ways of fear consume those who can not except the wonderful changes which come.

Although the new humanity suffers only in mind and body, for their heart and spirit has their full strength of soul to guide and carry them forth. They understand the nature of truth and how to continue without fear by choosing the path of love. Those unable and unwilling to find the tolerance to cooperate and the compassion to understand are now leaving in great numbers, as many as one third or more decide to pursue the suicidal plunge of past fears, leading many more who trust them to join in their suffering and demise.

Nature is the weapon most employed, for the neglect of her warnings, bring season upon season in which she will display her intolerance for those who disrupt the balance and choose to walk the path of ignorance.

As the natural seeks balance and correctness for all*ways, so to will the physical and moral structure of man. False leaders, of which there are many, struggle to deny their quests for power. As each falls prey to the victims of their desires, truth shines forth as a beacon for the weary.

Clearing the ash and rubble of the past from each heart brings opportunity for all to build upon the fresh and fertile ground of change. Growing as one entity, each caring for the other, endless paths of interest and discovery are opened, which before were only dreams held back with fear.

Embracing an Age of Compassion, tolerance and higher purpose, the We*Men Race sets forth in honor of the millions of extraordinary and ordinary souls who choose to disavow fear and allow the purpose of love to direct their efforts of healing heart, home, environment and the family of life.

Speaking now of the future, one has only to embrace the truth for s’he accepts all which accept he’r, poetic justice.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

Love*Rulz (Available on DVD ;)

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