Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Radio heads!

I suppose I should add some text when I publish!

Hey folks!

I am guessing that many of you tuned into the Prez's press briefing this AM. I thought it was rather illuminating. Particularly in light of how hurricane damage will be paid for.

Most of you already know that Davis-Bacon was suspended by Bush. Aside from that, there is less than 5% of the contract money to fix the Gulf Coast going to Gulf Coast companies. I heard Rep. Bernie Thompson of Mississippi give testimony to the corruption driving the contracts. His one example was a company in ALASKA of all places, getting the sole provider contract(meaning the only source experience) to provide and install classroom trailers so school can resume. As it turns out, this company has NO experience in this line of work. That company called a Mississippi company that does the work. They asked for 450 trailers, which he had maybe half of. He said he could get the other half from his distributor. The distributor is a Georgia company, and they charge a little over $40,000 for the trailer. Well, this crony company in Alaska charged close to $80,000 of tax payer money per trailer, skipped the Mississippi installer, and bought direct from the distibutor. That math adds up, (450 times $40,000) and no Mississippi residents made a dime or worked for one hour. Nor are Mississippi residents being used in debris clean-up. That contract went to a Florida company that strangely enough was a client of the Mississippi Governor's lobbying company, and they will bring in their own employees.

So wages will be cut, most of the money will go to out state corporations, and they will overcharge to boot. So how else will this get paid for? Well, Bush made certain that no military money would be used. In other words, no security (Homeland Security and military) money is available. So spending areas of the budget need to be cut. Gee what a surprise!

So wages are suppressed, budget cuts made, but security spending and tax cuts for the rich and corporations are off the table. This is how hurricane damage will be paid for. Increased national poverty while the fattest cats get fatter.

As to energy, Bush stated that instead of conserving, or developing alternatives to oil, we need to refine even more! We need new refineries, operating under the oxymoronic clean air act.

Not to leave terrorism out, he stated we will stay in Iraq and bring the Zarqawis, referencing the followers thereof, to justice. It got me wondering just what his plan is for bringing Osama Bin Laden to justice?

And when asked if he still considered himself a conservative in light of the massive amounts of deficit, he said proudly so. Then later, this conservative, which normally believes in smaller government is better government, when discussing his responsibility for the response to the hurricanes in what seemed a flippant tone, stated that he has this large, vast administration to oversee....Large? Vast? Conservative? A large, vast administration with record deficits. That doesn't sound very conservative to me.

And remember folks, on Nov.2, we are taking to the streets. No work, no school, no anything. It is time to stand up and shout out that Bush must go. Look up "The World Can't Wait" on Google, and register. 23 states so far have planned rallies. The idea is a day long strike and protest. Everything stops. My two cents: we do it again a week later for 2 days. The week after that, 3 days. See what that does to the economy. See what that does to the ability to fund wars. No ships unloaded. No planes flying. No teaching. Everything shuts down. It is time to say no, and remove this destructive administration.


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