Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Changing the system

So Duke Cunningham was all boo-hoo the other day when he was convicted of corruption charges. It appears to me that Mr. Cunningham was acting in typical GOP values. Maybe he's really upset because he got caught. He disgraced his country after all, and for that he should be permanently barred from holding any office ever again. And this is the same guy that Tom Delay said was an honest man of integrity. Takes one to know one?

Which actually leads to a bigger issue. What about the defense contractors? Remember, the prosecutor can either go after the company, or individuals within the company. And in America, a corporation is supposedly treated as an individual before the courts.


Enron, despite almost dissolving from corruption, can still be politically active. But if you and I were to commit a felony, that would not be true. We lose our privilege to vote. Mind you, voting by a corporation is usually done by means of contributions. Since an individual loses the most important means of political participation, so should a corporation.

For example, take the tobacco companies. They got walloped with a huge fine that was to be paid from their profits, for having covered the dangers they knew nicotine presented. Yet when the case went before the Supreme Court, with new Chief Justice Roberts presiding, suddenly the fines are absolved. It had been challenged in appellate Court, and gee what a shock, the Court sided with the corporations. So, essentially, no penalty. Do you suppose you and I would get such treatment? And do you suppose we would have free reign to play the political game?

Any corporation can easily get by. They hire lobbyists, they contribute, and based on the convictions and indictments all over the Bush GOP administration, commit a lot of crimes in doing so.

What I am proposing is that the debate begin to alter the laws in regards to corporations. If they are considered as individuals, they must be so in the fullest extent of the law. Or we challenge the court ruling. But the discussion needs to start with regard to how we allow business to be conducted in this country.

Capitalism is ripe for a change. One that gives ownership to the majority of the citizens of this country. A change that brings about a just and equal economy, where a man or woman can work less and still enjoy the fruits of their labor, and have leisure time as well.

Pie in the sky you say? Hardly. Changes are occurring now. The Soul of Capitalism, and America Beyond Capitalism are but two books dealing with the subject. It begins though by us not accepting the status quo any more. And by beginning to discuss it.


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