Saturday, August 06, 2005

Contrary to Public Interest?

"It is simply contrary to the public interest for these documents to be released," said the letter signed by Rebecca Seidel, a deputy assistant attorney general, on behalf of William E. Moschella, assistant attorney general for legislative affairs.

I would venture to say then, that nominee Roberts is contrary to public interest. The above quote comes from a NY Times article that was on Truthout, written by Carl Hulse and Neil Lewis. Since when has background information been contrary to the public interest?

This is how the Right Reich defines things. First, they make their clanging cymbal noises about a fair hearing, and then disallow it to happen. Sorry: no documents, no hearing.

Wake up America! Your country and freedoms are being stolen! Demand of the White House,, that these records be released. All records asked for, bar none.


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