Friday, November 02, 2007

To Be Angry Or Not To Be

It is quite easy to be angry these days. The Right cares little for anything except corporate profits. The environment doesn't matter, jobs don't matter, wages even less, but the war does, and immunity. And protecting big business from taxes.

The Democrats, who hold Congress, have done precious little about any of those issues. They keep supporting the war. Bad choice. And people are pissed off.

Which may lead some to become disheartened and give up. Why bother? It's the same no matter what party is in power. I'm in that boat. I think the Dems in power now are mostly turn coats. That they would actually consider as an AG a man who supports warrant-less eavesdropping and can't bring himself to admit that water-boarding is torture is beyond acceptance. Yet there they sit, trying to make out like they are doing something important for the country.

I do find that I am better off if I don't read the news every day. I can just plug in my iPod and drop out as it were. I suppose that an alternative is to keep posting this that and the other thing as if it mattered, and maybe it does.

I guess I'm in that delicate spot of learning to be engaged but not overly angry. It's not easy. There's a lot to be angry about. A lot of work to be done to make America what it can be for everyone. And a lot of obstacles to be torn down that prevent America from being great.

As an emotion, anger is important. it means that something has happened that requires a response to correct. It's a matter than of seeing what that response is, and whether or not I can be involved in the response.

Well, I'll leave this here for now. I don't want us to be angry. Anger isn't pretty. It leads to much negative response, hurt feelings, and destruction when it isn't appropriately managed. I would much prefer a world of less anger, and more joy.


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