Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I had to laugh

I had to laugh. Here in my voter pamphlet are the statements of those running for office. I suppose most of you got yours as well. And I read it. Which is why I had to chuckle.

It seems Mike McGavick has forgotten which party controls the US Senate. His first line: "The US Senate is broken...." Then he parades out some of what he must consider the key problems on which this broken Senate has done nothing, with the implication that Maria Cantwell and her ilk are to blame.

1. Deficite Spending - Here McGavick goes on the attack. (Compare to Maria Cantwell who never mentions McGavick in her pamplet piece or the ads I've seen)
Out of control federal spending. Again, by a Republican controlled House and Senate that allow for the spending of $2 billion a month in the futility we call Iraq. Yet he harkens back to the 108th Congress,(we're in the 109th) which was also Republican controlled, and claims Cantwell was the voter for most spending. Which is a nice spin. If you look at the bills, you'd see other names there as well, and, if you'd stop and think about it, in the face of tax give-aways to the wealthy and corporations, and cuts to most social programs, yes, those who are really concerned about Americans did vote for more spending, and DIDN'T GET IT!

Yes, Mike has a record for delivering. He laid of 1200 employees, and was rewarded with a $28 million dollar parachute.

2. Terrorism - Shall we forget that just this last month, it was possible to fly a small airplane into a high rise in Manhattan, years after 9/11, unimpeded. No scambled fighters, nothing. To me, that's a huge WOW. Of all the places in the America, I would think that downtown New York would be the hardest place to do something like that. So why was it possible?

Let the barrage continue. Remember the recent report of National Intelligence Estimate that stated that the war in Iraq has made terrorism worse? That was an agreement of 16 intelligence agencies of the US. How many of us can even name half those agencies? Yet the big ones and obscure ones alike all agreed that fighting in Iraq has made a big problem worse.

3. Border Security - How many years has it taken the Republican controlled Congress to even begin discussing a bill about the borders? Wasn't it five? Five years where any one from al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, or North Korea could cross our borders, even after 9/11, with impunity and under the noses of the controlling party that supposedly has the best national security interests at heart. And if you do a little Federal Reserve search, you'll see that Alan Greenspan was the one who said we needed to allow more immigrants in. Look under his FRB speeches and his hearing before Congress.

And all under the watch of the Republican controlled Congress and White House.

So Mr. McGavick wants us to vote for a guy who parachuted in numbers most of us can only dream about, and has his own fundamentalist pastor, the Rev. Joseph Fuiten, as an advisor. And yet he would like us to think that voting for a wealthy CEO allied with the religious right is going to be any different than the "broken Senate" he described.

I laugh at things that are absurd.


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